Press Release for Monsters on

Press release for ‘Monsters’ on

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Nashville, alt-rock duo ‘Ladyshark’ release 7 track LP ‘Monsters’. The album is self-written, recorded and produced.

“Ladyshark shows that they can deliver with musical intensity and ability, lyrics that push it to the edge, vocals that are sharp and clear with just the right amount of restrain and emotion, all while maintaining an energy that keeps the music alive from beginning to end. ”
– Indie Spoonful

‘Monsters’ is written around the loose thematic implication of real-life monsters that challenge us on a daily basis. Themes explored in the album include: domestic violence, sexism, marginalization, freedom, supernatural forces, and religious prejudice.

Ladyshark consists of Sarah Vardy and Jane Boxall. Sarah is the front woman of the duo who delivers powerful and edgy vocals throughout the album which pierces through landscapes of sound. Jane, introduces spot on drums and percussive elements highlighting the creative production on this release.

If you’re a fan of 1990’s riot-grrrl music such as Sleater-Kinney this album captures this vibe perfectly. There’s also a distinct throwback to fun bands such as The B52s, The Breeders and The Kinks.

The release is available through most digital distributors and via Bandcamp. Ladyshark are working on a new album set for release in early 2017 with tour dates to be announced.