Ladyshark are a 3-piece, indie-rock-punk band from Nashville. This all female trio uses insane guitar loops to layer their compositions combined with FX, bass, vocals and drums. Sarah ‘Scarer’ Vardy is on guitar/guitar loops/lead vocals, Megan ‘Raygun’ Dillard is on bass/backup vocals and Renee Lambert is on drums.
There’s a dark, art-rock edge to Ladyshark’s sound with a distinct riot grrrl flavour. Ladyshark’s debut LP “Monsters” is now available through Bandcamp: and through most digital content providers. A limited cassette and CD press (only at Fond Object) has been so far released in Nashville at Fond Object, The Groove Records, and Grimeys. Ladyshark have gained international airplay of Monsters with a positive response from critics. Monsters was number 1 on the Canadian Punk/Metal charts for a few weeks running in April 2017.

Ladyshark are currently working on a new release ‘Lovesick’ for release in November 2017 with DIY music label Amityville Records. This will be their first full length album. The first single ‘Hangin’ Out For Someone Else’ will be released on October 2nd. The full album will be out some time in November 2017 with a launch party at The 5 Spot in Nashville on November 30th, 2017.

‘Hangin’ Out For Someone Else’ is written about starting to date someone and being unsure about whether they’re digging you as much as you dig them. The track features lyrics/vocals/guitar/mandolin from Sarah, bass from Megan and drums/glockenspiel/triangle from original drummer who moved to Vermont recently, Jane Boxall.

The record Lovesick is about being in love in various stages and situations. Whether love’s making you sick versus driving you wild. Or maybe you’re thinking about having kids or what it might mean to have kids. Sometimes you’re just struggling to make ends meet. There’s some self-reflection and identification with being an outsider who doesn’t live up to all society’s expectations. But that’s ok! Lovesick is a documentation of growth curves that happen following a long-term relationship coming to an end.
“Ladyshark shows that they can deliver with musical intensity and ability, lyrics that push it to the edge, vocals that are sharp and clear with just the right amount of restrain and emotion, all while maintaining an energy that keeps the music alive from beginning to end. ” – Indie Spoonful
If you’re in need of a new soundtrack for rebelling against the man, look no further than Ladyshark, the riot grrrl inspired alt-rock duo from Nashville. – Indie Band Guru
It’s hard to say which I’m more obsessed with: Ladyshark‘s name, that incredible cover art, or their heyday-Sleater-Kinney-meets-mid-90s-alt sound. – Hullabaloo
It is electrifying – wiry, tuneful and bursting with creative energy – as lead track “Monsters” and the classic Punk gem “Riot” can powerfully attest. – The Autumn Roses
Ladyshark were formerly Anu Sava. Anu Sava started out as a solo project from Sarah Vardy, front woman of Australian rock band Girl With Cake. The outfit has since evolved into a 2 piece and has now grown into a 3 piece.