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The new single from Ladyshark has a bouncy, jangly beat, somewhat in opposition to  the more somber title “Hangin’ Out for Someone Else”.  This exploration of love, specifically those initial moments when so much is unknown, is fun, well-played and almost hypnotic at times.  Most of all, I liked the diversity of percussion that really drives the song forward.  The tune is reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  As a forerunner of their album release Lovesick, I’m anxious to hear the rest from this talented Nashville band.  Also be sure to check out their previous album Monster for their more punk leanings.

The Autumn Roses reviews Ladyshark’s Single

It moves fast and magically – barely touching the ground and enchanting with its platinum, reverse rotation. Feathered Punk Rock that chimes, “Hangin’ Out For Someone Else” is the luminous new single from Nashville’s Ladyshark. You can download the track and more of their music from their Bandcamp page now.

Track of the week on UK Blog God Is In the TV Ladyshark’s new single Hangin’ Out For Someone Else is track of the week on the UK blog God Is In The TV! Thanks so much! This is AWESOME!!

Ladyshark – Hanging’ Out For Someone Else

Ladyshark’s new single ‘Hangin’ Out For Someone Else’ is about ‘starting to date someone and being unsure if they’re digging you as much as you dig them.’ Mixing a sprightly DIY new wave sound with a bittersweet tunefulness Vardy’s vocals are cloaked in the attitude of someone who has been rejected but survived to tell the tale. (BC)